What can I help with?

  • anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • stress management

  • mild depression

  • problems with sleep

  • increasing performance at work and sports

  • weight control and eating problems

  • confidence issues

  • phobias and fears

  • quitting smoking

  • most of other psychologically determined issues, please get in touch to discus further

"Change your mind, change your life"
 an individually 
designed treatment plan based on your unique situation 
email and phonecall support between the sessions if needed
a toolkit with NLP and mindfulness strategies to use when needed
a free personalised audio recording for faster and longer lasting results
Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Mindfulness in therapy could be described as a training for the brain. When practised regularly it can lead to a healthier and better mind through an increase in awareness, clarity, calmness and enjoyment.

What do others say?




"The fact that smoking no longer controls my life is amazing, so much so that I am not bothered when I see people smoking and I don't think about it all the time. When I started hypnotherapy I was very stressed about my chances of quitting because I had failed before. I think it is psychological more than anything.

The hypnotherapy gave me a space to feel cushioned and protected and look at the issue from  different perspective and in a more calm way.

Anna is very nice, kind and understanding and I felt comfortable and safe during the sessions. The sessions were very supportive and like a personal life line with a lot of guidance.

The fact that I have got this far is astonishing and I feel the hypnotherapy sessions made the difference.

I would recommend Anna for hypnotherapy and NLP if you need help with personal issues".

Nasim, welfare advisor, London

'Working with Anna on my anxiety has been so helpful. In the space of two months her strategies have made a huge difference to my life. I am much calmer and less stressed and anxious. I feel I have got the skills to navigate the worries and stresses of daily life. It has really been life changing.'

Corinna, media worker, London

"Anna is very gentle and supportive, in our sessions she provided me with tools for managing anxiety and negative thinking. As a result my sleep has improved and so has my outlook. The tools are the key to the start of this journey into more peace and positivity. Very grateful for Anna's support and understanding, her listening and encouragement."

YB, London


"Anna has a very practical approach to working with the mind and is sharp and observant. I felt instantly at home with her and comfortable talking about my situation and challenges". 

Eisha, business owner, London

"I benefited enormously from a short course of hypnotherapy sessions with Anna, who helped me with a fear of flying.. The sessions provided me with a range of techniques to help me relax and develop confidence. Anna made me feel comfortable from the start, and my overall experience was a positive and constructive one."

Ben, academic, London





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