Cognitive Hypnotherapy



Cognitive hypnotherapy is a science based approach aiming at changing thinking, emotional and behaviour patterns. It has been skilfully designed to work with the  subconscious mind to achieve the results you want. The research shows that about 90% of human actions are driven by the subconscious - that is why quite often we find ourselves doing things which we do not want to do, for example reaching for another chocolate or reacting with anger to certain situation at work or in a relationship.


Through working  with your unconscious, I will safely and gently guide you toward helping you to become the person you want to be. As a result, you may gain more control over your emotions and actions. I will also teach you a few effective techniques and strategies to use  in between the sessions to ensure long lasting results. You will receive a high quality personalised download to listen to in the convenient time.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy has been successfully helping clients with many issues such as:

  •        mild depression

  •          tensions and anxiety

  •          dealing with stress

  •           eating disorders and weight management

  •           habits (including smoking)

  •           panic attacks,

  •           fears and phobias

  •           increasing performance

  •           insomnia and problems with sleeping


 The results of cognitive hypnotherapy can be quite spectacular and may require as little as 4 - 6 sessions. They could be lead on a weekly or fortnighty basis.


Neuro - linguistic Programming

"Change your mind, change your life"

NLP is widely used in therapy, coaching and business as it allows making fast changes in behaviour through working with thinking, feelings and language. It emphasises the importance of communication and provides a range of strategies to master it in order to achieve the results. It follows the rule "change your mind, change your life".

In my hypnotherapy practice, I use some of the NLP techniques to maximise results. Many of them are taught to the clients and could be easily learnt and applied in between the sessions.